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We take pride in introducing our company call4cleanhome as Best Residential  Cleaning Service in Malabar Hill in providing the services of Home Deep Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Chair Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Born Baby Home Deep Cleaning in Malabar Hill .

When we talk about Professional Home Cleaning Services then this job is not restricted to mere cleaning and moping the floor or dusting the articles of your home. The concept of Professional Home Deep Cleaning Services is very vast as it covers many aspects of cleaning.It Can be Customize as per your budget

The Residential Cleaning Service in Malabar Hill undertakes the following  job

  • Bathroom Cleaning,
  • Kitchen Cleaning,
  • Mattress Cleaning,
  • Curtain Cleaning,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Sofa cleaning.                                                                                                                                                  Hence, hiring Home Deep Cleaning Services in Malabar Hill will simplify your above concerns in one go.Whatever problems you are facing with your home cleaning or pest control matters will be conveniently solved by professionals like us.

residential Cleaning Service


Pests are stored in areas which your eyes cannot see and only professional help can help you in getting rid of them. If you hire professionals like us for Full Home Deep Cleaning in Malabar Hill we guard your space against the contamination of filthy and harmful pests and insects.

We disinfect your residential and commercial space by using technologically advanced pest control mechanism which has no harmful effects on the inhabitants of house or office. Cleaning Services in Malabar Hill is completely in accordance with the fast moving life of Mumbai.

Benefits of Residential Cleaning

  • You’ll feel less pushed                                                    residential Cleaning Service
  • You’ll be increasingly dynamic
  • You’ll be increasingly gainful
  • You may eat more beneficial
  • You’ll rest better
  • You’ll become ill less as often as possible




Pre Monsoon Examination

Clean the funnels so there are no blockages and smooth seepage of downpour water is conceivable. Call a specialist to fix any breaks or harmed tiles to stay away from drainage.

Pantries – Wardrobes become moist in the storms. The air dampness can be consumed by putting dried Lemon leaves, cloves, camphor, silica gel sachets, and additionally economically accessible dampness retention sachets in the organizers, drawers or wooden work areas.

Ventilation – Try and get however much cross ventilation and daylight as could be expected. This will assist with removing a portion of the dampness from the air and evacuate the moist smell. Unnecessary dampness noticeable all around can harm tapestries, furniture and floor coverings. Dehumidifiers can likewise be utilized.

Home Cleaning – Regular home cleaning is an unquestionable requirement. Utilize a protected floor cleanser to wipe the floors. A cleanser with citronella would be useful for the rainstorm. Oil can be utilized to keep wooden entryways and windows from engrossing dampness and growing up. Apply wax to the hardwood floors to shield it from overabundance dampness. Vacuum floor coverings, upholstery and window ornaments in any event once per week. Cleaning of furniture, particularly wooden furniture is basic to forestall dampness develop. Gain bug power done once per month in the rainstorm. Light a little bit of camphor in each room and keep the entryways and windows shut for 15 minutes each night.

What are the charges for residential cleaning services in Cumballa Hill , Mumbai?

Apartment Type Service Price
1 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning Rs. 5000
1 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning and Sofa Set Shampoo Rs. 5500
2 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning Rs. 6500
2 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning and Sofa Set Shampoo Rs. 7000
3 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning Rs. 8000
3 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning and Sofa Set Shampoo Rs. 9000
4 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning Rs.10000
4 BHK Full Home Deep Cleaning and Sofa Set Shampoo Rs.12000

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